About Us

Life is a cruel battlefield.
In this battle, you’ll bleed, cry, fall, get scarred, fear, tired and bored…
And between all of these, we know you stand up and challenge your life with your best performance.

Be tight. Be a fighter.



A new kind performance wear which is based in London and headquartered in beautiful Istanbul and London.
All the collections are designed for tight people who never stop for their dreams. 

In spite of all your obligations and responsibilities, it is also a performance to take time for yourself and go dancing at night.

While giving life struggle on the one hand, it is also a performance to be a mother who develops a life from one side.

Despite the harsh conditions, all the performances you demonstrate will define your identity and define you.

Be Hero. Be Yourself. Be whatever you want!

As Tight Club, we are here to be beside the best performance you can do against your life.



TightClub is a performance wear with its foundation initiated in London. Not only a women's clothing line, it is also a movement addressing women of the world. With all its ups and downs, life is a journey that needs us to be constantly active and on our two feet. Industrial designer and creative director Özgül Dalkılıç established TightClub on this very belief, which was enhanced on a trip to London, where she observed a search for motivation within oneself for accomplishment.

TightClub was officially established with its first collection in January 2017, with oices in both Istanbul and London, after carefully developing the idea of building a community who strives for improved life performance. The brand was first presented to the public eye a month later its formation, at the PURELONDON Trade Show.

The rule of the game is to work hard for what we dream in life.

At low times, TightClub comes to play to connect one another, to pick up one another, and to motivate one another in a healthy community.



Sometimes, reality may not be the sweetest experience in life. You often fall down and get back up, cry, be afraid, get tired and overwhelmed. Within all the hustle and bustle, we know you put your best foot forward to fight for your goals. TightClub was founded for those who take the courage in life. Are you preparing for a marathon? Are you a mother, and a career woman? Are you working on a fit body? Or do you want to dance the night away with the last drop of energy after that intense week at work? A woman always fights to the fullest to achieve their dreams. No matter what happens, no matter how tough it may seem, always set your goal, work for it, and never give up until it's met.

Always hold tight.

Be a fighter.

Never give up!

Just be true to who you are, and do what comes from within! TightClub is always there where you most need a drop of water on the boxing ring that is life. The first rule of TightClub is to step out the door as a TightClubber and fight through life with your best performance.



MISSION TightClub was founded with the mission to build a community that will give our members the courage to do what they love and make them believe to achieve their goals. Its mission is driven by a set of core values supporting it in a high standard of product.



TightClub's vision is wake up power in people so they pause, think and consciously reconsider what can do. We want to spread the idea of what they can do and fight for life with their best performance.



The TightClub Performance Collection, with its limitless movement support system whether for light or high intensity cardio, or for dancing all night, designs the most elegant and functional activewear and aims to be present at all times of the day. It presents a line of modern cuts and silhouettes, innovative printing techniques, and high-tech fabrics. TightClub pays the upmost attention to details that guarantee comfort at times of long and challenging workouts. Every piece is carefully designed and quality tested by the TightClub Team. The collection is made of special performance and high tech fabrics that enables the feeling of wearing second skin.

All of the TightClub pieces;

- Keeps you cool, dry and comfortable with its moisture control technology

- Enables sweat-absorption

- Enables comfort with the 'ultra-support' soft fabrics used

- Acts as second skin with its body wrapping form

- Enables freedom in movement with its seamless design technology